Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lake Michigan Duathlon

Since January I have really gotten into working out and to my surprise running. I know that is just crazy but for some reason I can't help it. It started out as a little dare I gave myself one Sunday AM at the gym-- go on Melyssa-- Run.. Run.. Run. So I did and 3 miles later I discovered that I could actually do it and I even liked it ... a little. As I started to talk about it a friend of mine, Brenda, brought up doing the Iron Girl Duathlon at the end of September. I gave it some thought and did a little checking.. hummm 2 mile run, 22 mile bike ride, 2 mile run..... humm that doesn't seem to bad. I found a 8 week training, signed up and felt good about it. Then I made the crazy mistake of telling my sister about it and she brought up doing the Lake Michigan Duathlon.... 5K, 25 mile bike, 5K hummmmm that seemed a little crazy. Now keep in mind that I have NEVER -EVER done a race in my life. Heck I was never on any kind of team at all growing up... unless you call bowling (which I was actually good .. but that is another story) a team sport. But I though heck why not give it a try. What a great way to bond with my sister! I had to squeeze 8 weeks of training into 4 but that was okay- I could handle it. My 10 year old bike got new tires and a tune up for the race. I swear I don't think that bike was ever that shiny! ha ha!

Then the race came. We drove the 6 hrs across Wisconsin for it. On the way found we out my sisters car was having car trouble but she would try to make it. She did but wasn't in the mood to race after her horrible experience on the drive so that left me to do it alone... I was pretty scared since I had NO CLUE of what to do! But Rich and the kids got up at 5:15 am to take me to the race. It had rained the evening before but it was a nice day for a run/bike. The Triathlon started first- swimming in Lake Michigan! We started 15 minutes later. The first 5K wasn't so bad. It was along Lake Michigan. The path was not the best- really uneven - but I had a pretty good time. Then came the bike... 5-5 mile loops. That was not the best situation. The uneven road and the same darn hills over and over again didn't make it any better. How those other bikers could go so fast was beyond me! But I kept at it. When realized I wasn't last as I headed into my final transition to run another 5K I felt a little better. This last run wasn't so easy! I had to do some walking. It had gotten hotter and my legs just didn't want to go any faster. But when I crossed that finish line I was extremely proud of myself. I had done it!! The gal that has never won a medal or award for any kind of physical activity was handed one at the end! YIPPEE! Even though it took me 3 hrs and 13 minutes - I did it! and wasn't last! HA HA. I wish I could have been faster but that speed will come in time. I have only just started doing these races so I can't be too hard on myself. As a 51 year old man that was doing the Olympic Triathlon at the same time said "thousands of people are sitting on their butts right now... look what you are doing.. you should be proud" And I was!

Before the race....

There I go....

Heading into the last loop of 5.

Crossing the finish line! YIPPEE!

I got a medal and a bottle of water at the end! I sure needed it. We headed to the tent where they had some food but I just couldn't eat anything. That was a mistake because we got in the car to head the 6 hrs back and I didn't feel all that well! Lesson learned.... 1- don't get in the car to drive 6 hrs after and 2- eat at least something!

I have done a lot of updating on our blog and I still have more to share so come back to visit soon and be sure to check out the other new posts!

Tessa's Cabin!

My very good friend Tonya and her family have a cabin about 3 hours from our home and we were lucky to get invited for a weekend. Dayne and Lylah were soooo excited to go to Tessa's Cabin as they call it! We had an awesome time riding on their boat, jet ski's, paddle boat, and playing in the water. Best of all we had a fabulous time with friends! The water was a little chilly but the kids didn't mind!

Circles and bumpies were way to much fun for this crew!

Dayne LOVED the jet ski! He wanted to ride it all the time!

Enjoying some sun and relaxing- this never happens so I loved it!

Lylah loved to boat rides!

Rich takes his turn solo on the jet ski!

Dayne caught a fish! He didn't want to touch it... ahh takes after him mom!

Go faster!

Tessa and Lylah- They have so much fun together! One happy beach princess!


It was so much fun to spend a weekend away from the TV and computer and just spend time as a family with some great friends! Hopefully we will go back again-Dayne keeps asking!

Beach Babies

One of the best things about summer is spending time with friends. We headed to the beach with some friends and had a great time We picked up pizza and had a picnic before we headed down to the beach for some fun!

Dayne filling up his squirt gun!

Lylah had so much fun just filling the bucket with sand and water.

Watch me Lylah!

Nap time! Lylah had way to much fun and ended up falling sleep!
I plan on taking the kids back again before summer is over- it is going way to fast!

Splish Splash.. fun at home!

Summer means fun in the sun! While this summer seems to have more cooler days then usual we still have managed to have lots of fun in the sun. We took out the Slip and Slide and the kids had a blast! They still need to master the slip part (usually they would just run to the end) but a great time was had by all! Dayne slides down on his back!
A VERY happy Lylah!

This is so much fun!

Lylah just loved to jump into the end!

Bunker Beach

This summer Dayne and I get to have some fun together- just the two of us. We headed to Bunker Beach a couple of weeks ago and he has a GREAT time. He is quite the swimmer. I think it just might be his thing. He loves it and keeps getting better everytime we go.

Dayne hung out here most of the time. But we did hit the wave pool a few times!


Hopefully we will go back again sometime this summer for some more fun!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pretty Flowers

Our Lilies are starting to open up along the side of our garage. They always look so pretty! Most of these flowers came from bulbs my mom gave me. These are the best kind of flowers because I don't have to do anything- they just come back! I couldn't resist taking a few shots this morning of them since the pink ones just opened.

Have a happy day everyone!