Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was excited when I got home today to find that my photos had arrived from I had just ordered them on the 22nd- so not a bad turn around time. I ordered the photos because I needed an enlargement of 19x19 for my new shelf that we put up in the stairway. It looks pretty good! Now that I have the photos I know I need to do pick carefully what ones I want because the shelf can cut off some of the photo because to the ledge. I was so excited as I was putting them in the frames when I discovered I made a pretty bad boo-boo.... I didn't read the size of the large frame carefully to see it was 19 3/4 x 19 3/4 not just 19x19-- ARGH! so I have a white lip on the right and bottom.... sooooo mad! But the photo I had picked was from last summer so I will have to take a new one in the spring and re-do it. What is funny about this is I tell my students at school over and over again to read carefully and here I didn't! Oh well. I still love it....

Until next time!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 5 and Week 6

I am finally now all caught up with my picture a day layouts. Thankfully I am good at remembering to take the pictures- it is just the journaling that slows me down. We have had a lot of fun with some friends the last couple weeks. Of course are longing for warmer weather when we can be outside. I know it is only the end of February so we have about a month to go but I have hopes it might come just a little sooner. We have had snow for a little too long for me! Enjoy looking at the past two weeks of at our house.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Joy of Cats...

I haven't written much about the furry family members we have. Maybe because we lost one of our furry babies this past summer suddenly. That is a story for another time- but Canyon will always be missed. He left behind a couple of cats that are-- well interesting. I think since they were raised with Canyon that have some qualities of a dog. You see Rich found a stray cat at work and thought it would be a good idea for me to come and get her. This cat ended up costing us $1000 because she bit Canyon and give him an infection. We thought it would be a good idea to give this cat to our neighbor- problem solved right.. WRONG. Being the good person he is he took the cat - who he named Street- to the vet only to find out she was pregnant. So back to us she came because he was going to be gone and didn't want her alone. A month later we were able to see her 5 kittens born. We were lucky to find 3 good homes - Lou went Tonya- Flurry went Candace- and Little Grey went to Brenda. That left us with Mesa and Sedona. We named them after things from Arizona since Canyon was named for the Grand Canyon because of his color. These cats have caused us nothing but trouble! At least that is what Rich thinks but truly it is his fault we have them anyway so he shouldn't complain! They eat any food that is left out! Sedona has ran off with a pork chop before and they shared a WHOLE cake with Canyon. Stuffed animals are easy targets if left out. Even my robe is tempting to chew on. I can't help but laugh as they walk around growling with a stuffed toy in their mouths! Even though they drive us a little crazy I can't help but love them. They love to snuggle up and will purr and purr when you rub their necks. I do believe these cats will live to be 20 years old- just to drive Rich nuts!

So that is a little bit about our furry babies Mesa and Sedona- (Sedona is the white/tan one and Mesa is Grey/White/Tan)

Until Next time!
(ps- I will post the week of photos soon- just a little behind on my journaling!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lovey Dovey

Valentine's Day-

This isn't one of my favorite holidays in the world but I like to make days like this special for the kids. We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast made my Daddy. Dayne wanted to go to IKEA because he wanted to try the place with the balls as he calls it (That is Smaland or however it is spelled) Anyway, he loved it and didn't want to leave when his hour was up. The day ended with dinner made by Daddy too. It was a nice day all in all. The kids got a couple of gifts too... Lylah LOVES Elmo so she got a baby Elmo that must come with us everywhere we go. Dayne got a new Smartcyle game. As you can see he was pretty excited. They were both lucky ducks and get money from their grandparents that burned a hole in Dayne's pocket- he just HAD to get a new train! Lylah got a Pooh Bear phone since she fights with Dayne over his Thomas phone in the car- hopefully it helps but I am not holding my breath! HA HA. I hope you all had a special day with your loved ones!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 4

The past week has been a little crazy for me! We had conferences and that always put my world into a bit of a tail spin. It is hard to be at school late and keep track of things at home. So Rich was in charge this week of remembering to take our picture-a-day. He did the photos on Tuesday and Thursday while I was gone. Thanks Rich!! Hopefully now that conferences are behind me I can get back into the swing of things. With the taste of some warmer weather I am so ready for spring! Of course it is only February so we do have awhile to go! But I am a little hopeful that spring might come a little sooner- but that darn groundhog saw his shadow so I might be out of luck!
Until next time!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 3- Photos by Dayne

This week I decided to let Dayne take over the picture of the day duties. He just loves to use my camera and under supervision I let him use it. I have a feeling a camera will be his birthday present! He wanted to take photos of our pets and of the family. Since he took the photos I had him to the journaling too! He told me what to type up! It was a fun project to do with him. I have a feeling he will do another week this year because it was so neat to watch him think about the photos he wanted to take. He took it very seriously!