Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Masterpieces

Our beautiful Belle and Handsome Beau!

Trick or Treat!

Halloween this year was a lot of fun with the kids. This year I let the kids decide what they wanted to be. I really wanted them to match but gave up when Lylah saw the picture of a Sun costume in a magazine. Once she saw it that was it! She was going to be the Sun! It should have been an easy costume to make- but who knew finding a yellow sweatshirt be so hard! But we did finally find one and Lylah became the sun! Dayne wanted to be a Super Hero because he said he WAS a Super Hero. So I looked online and found a Super Hero shirt with a silver cap! It was pretty cool and he LOVED it!

We have a few traditions when it comes to Halloween. We go to the Clubhouse to the party. Here Lylah is playing the Pumpkin Walk! Next stop was story time. The kids listen to a story that really isn't too scary!

Since Halloween was on a Saturday it was hard to keep the kids from Trick or Treating so at 5:30 we headed out! They were so excited. Another tradition is for us to Trick or Treat with Dayne and Lylah's friends William and Bennett and their Dad. It is a lot of fun and this year we really had to run to keep up with them.

Our Super Here Dayne!

Our Sun Lylah

I started a new tradition for myself to run in the Grey Ghost 5K Run in Anoka- the Halloween Capital of the world. It was a lot of fun to run with my friend Brenda and hundreds of other people. Many of them were even in costumes! I plan on running it again next year!