Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stomp your feet... Clap your hand...Lets get ready for a barnyard dance!

This book is Lylah's favorite! It is the only book she will sit and read from cover to cover - over and over again. She runs to grab it and climb up on your lap and says READ READ! Once you get to the end she wants you to start over. She loves the beginning when they say to stomp your feet and clap your hands. She stomps her feet as she sits in your lap! So cute. When she sees animals she knows- and loves (like the duck) she yells out and points. I think that every kids has a book they could read over and over and this is hers! The best part is this at night after it is read she climbs down from your lap- goes over to her sound machine and turns it on and over to her crib and she is ready for bed! Talk about a girl set in her ways! But it makes going to bed so easy! Now if I can just get Dayne to do the same I will be all set! But that is another post!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A new look

About 4 months ago now a tornado came through our neighborhood. It was amazing all the damage that occured. We were pretty lucky and didn't loose parts of our house like some did, but we ended up with enough damage that we needed to get new siding. After a LONG process of trying to match our current siding and finding out they couldn't we ended up having to get the whole house resided. Since the whole house was going to be done we decided to take a chance and change it to a different color.

We went with a color called pecan and also put some red shakes in the peak. Now it looks a little strange at the moment because we haven't painted the garage yet and we have shutters that are coming in a few days but so far I like it. Looking at the photos I can see that the new color really is darker than the old. If is funny how in your mind you remember it is a different way. The first time I saw it I thought it didn't look too different. So now the crews work is done and ours is about to begin! I have a feeling it isn't going to be an easy job.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Searching for the perfect pumpkin.

One of the great things about fall is going to look for pumpkins. Each year we head out in search for a great one. Last year we discovered Lendt's Pumpkin's up in Wyoming. It is a short drive up Hwy 35. This place is pretty cool because they have all these great cut outs of halloween figures. They are fun to take pictures by. There is also a corn pool where kids can play in corn. Which can be kinda gross if you really think about it. But kids love it so I guess that is what matters.

Soon we started on our hunt for the perfect pumpkin. Since this year they were $3 a piece no matter the size we wanted a big one! I started off way across the field leaving the kids and Rich behind. I found what I thought was a great one and lugged it back to show them.

Now I am pretty proud of this pumpkin and we start to head back when Rich spots something in a bunch of weeds. And sure enough there was a great pumpkin! Rich starts to laugh at me because I went clear across the field and here was a great one the whole time.

Before we left we picked up some hay bales for some halloween photos I am taking next weekend and also some little pumpkins for the kids.

Even though the weather could have been better (check out sky in the photos)- we had a great time.

Who would have thought....

Okay who would have thought that you needed to make your decisions about a Halloween costume before it was the month of October. Most people I am sure thought- I have plenty of time. Well you are wrong. Unless you want a costume that comes with a plastic mask and a rubber band to hold it on you are out of luck. So even though pumpkin patches are just opening and the leaves haven't even started to change- stores are filling up with Christmas decoration and Halloween costumes are going on clearance. Who would have though.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Beau

Dayne- My Beau- my "big" boy. He is showing signs of taking after his father. I say this because he is quite witty at times and can make us laugh. For example when we went to the State Fair I got the ShamWow. I am trying to go green and not use paper towels. Anyway, when Lylah spills something on the floor he comes running and says "Good thing we have the shammy wow." He is quite the story teller too and all his stories take place before I was born. Why I have no idea- but that is usually how his stories start- "Remember before you were born and we lived...." He has a story for everything and they can go on and on and on. Even now as I am writing he is talking about some car flying away. I don't think he has stopped talking the entire time I have been writing this.

My Belle

Lylah is my Belle- my little girl. She is almost 2 and is- well how can I say it- She is something else. She is a climber and loves to scream. I have always known that girls are screamers. It drove me nuts when I baby sat for my cousins kids and they would run and do that high pitched scream. I hoped if I had a girl she would not suffer from the same infliction that they suffered from. But alas she does. She screams when she is happy. She screams when she is sad. Heck she screams for no apparent reason. I think it is her way of showing that she wants to be the boss. I have a feeling that her middle school years will be interesting.

Life with a Beau and a Belle

I thought I would give this whole Blogging thing a try. I like to consider myself someone that is pretty much on the latest thing but I have been avoiding this world of blogging. Mainly because I think I would-- rather I know I will - become obsessed and I really don't need another hobby. My husband is already rolling his eyes at me thinking why can't I be content watching a baseball game- you always have to be doing something he says. I know I know I tell him - just help me come up with a creative name. So he finally gives in a helps me out. So our Blog- "Life with a Beau and a Belle" is for our kids- We have a son and a daughter who we think are pretty great. We sure did luck out in the kid department.