Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting caught up

I am working on updating the blog.. I got a little behind due to a computer crash... and I guess just life in general. Be sure to check back to see other updates (you might have to scroll down to see posts as I add them. I am trying to keep things in order!

Until Later....

Shooting "Out of Town"

One morning Lylah decided she wanted me to take her photo and insisted we go out of town to do it. I told her her we can go to another town but what did she want to do. Over and over again she said Out of Town! It took me awhile-- with the help of Dayne-- to realize she wanted to go Downtown! We headed to one of my favorite spots, one I actually had taken Dayne to a month earlier to take some shots of them. I love this one because he spotted the yellow railing and said "Hey mom- that will look cool in a photo" and ran and said like this all on his own. He is becoming my model! Plus a very good helper!Such a sweet shot.... My babies..... they bring me so much joy... Love you! XOXO

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cold Weather Fun... during the summer

We grabbed our sweatshirts and sharpened our ice skates and headed to the local ice rink. Wait a second... isn't it summer you might ask. was a over 90 degrees that day... we live in Minnesota... the State of Hockey.. we ice skate in the summertime. Ha! Now we have never actually gone skating in the summer before- but there is a first time for everything! Our neighbors planned a trip to the rink during open skating and we thought we would give it a try. I have skates of my own and I had actually gotten skates for the kids from students of mine. Many of the boys play hockey so summer ice time isn't to crazy but it was the first time for Dayne and Lylah and they did pretty good. They lasted longer than I thought- about 30 minutes. Dayne said he would do it again so I took that as a good sign. Happy Dayne- upright!
I actually really like to ice skate but it is not easy with the kids. I ended up having to carry Lylah at the end while I tried to skate a little!

Happy Lylah-- she never really got upright- but she said she liked it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot Days!

There is nothing better on a hot summer night than a water park!! After Dayne attended a birthday party at a local water park he wanted to go back. We decided give in to his begging one evening to take advantage of the twilight admission and a coupon... that would make my mom proud! ha! Lylah is finally getting into going on the smaller kids slides so she had a blast. Dayne wasn't quite tall enough to go on the big slides- a huge bummer to him. We might have to hold off going back again until he is tall enough for those! Water pouring on his head! He loves the water!
Lylah and I

Rich and Dayne

Wheeeee Look at me momma!! Lylah went down the slide OVER AND OVER again!!