Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Like Me!

Lylah LOVES her Bitty Babies. For Christmas she welcomed Sally and Jordan (girl and boy twins) to her baby doll family! Now one of the fun things (for mommy) about the American Girl Bitty dolls is Lylah and dress just like them. For her birthday MorMor bought her an outfit to match on that her doll had. Talk about CUTE!!!! I just think the hat is darling!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

I do Run Run... on New Years Day

On New Years Day I started on the right foot! Running in the Team Ortho Polar Dash. It was the kick off to the 4 seasons- 4 races series Team Ortho is sponsoring. I took part in the 5K and it was a terrific run! It was cold but once you get started you don't really notice anymore.
Me before the race- UnderArmor is the greatest invention! It was 1 degree! I have no idea what wind chill was- but it was cold!The race begins... the Elite Runners started the race- The 5K winner did it in 18 minutes! WOW! I was really impressed with how organized the race was!The kids waiting for me to finish. The fun of playing in the snow didn't last too long! Rich said they cried because they were so cold! Poor babies! There I am running to the finish line.Lylah and I with my way cool medal!

Dayne trying to stay warm in the wagon while he takes a photos with me.

I am super excited for the next three races in the series. I will have 4 total pie shaped medals that will make one super medal! The next races are a 1/2 marathon in June, a duathlon in August (5K Run, 18 mile bike, 5K run) and a 10 miler on Halloween. I hope to do a few more races along the way too!