Monday, February 15, 2010

Embracing Winter!

I now feel I can really call myself a Minnesotan! Instead of watching winter go by from the warmth of my home I am heading out doors and enjoying some winter sports. I figured that if can stand to run in below 0 temps I should be able to handle cross county skiing. The only time I had been cross country skiing was as a 6th grader so I was a little nervous! I headed over to a local park with groomed trails with some of my workout buddies. For the low- low price of $11.43 cents I was able to get skis, poles, boots, and my ski trail pass. I had to figure out how to get the boot attached to the darn skis - but with a little help I was off! We went for about an hour and half along some beautiful trails as the snow fell. It was so much fun! Your couldn't wipe the smile off my face!! It was so exciting to be out there!! As soon as we were done we made plans for the next weekend to go again. This time our group grew to 5 and it was a sunny day with a little wind. Ahhhh thank goodness for UnderArmor! We made plans to go again next weekend! Now of course I want to get my own skis! We also plan on trying snowshoeing and one of the gals might even join me to learn how to downhill ski! Ahhhh winter...I might start to not mind you sticking around a little longer!! The beautiful trail!
Maybe one of these days I will try to do it free style but until then I will stick to the pre-made trail!
Some of the gals waiting for the rest of our group to get up the hill!

There's me! I can't wait to get out there again!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Day!

Ahhhhhh Valentine's Day. I recently heard someone call it Halloween Lite- I would have to agree.. lots of candy (something I am trying to avoid lately) but a lot more LOVE! The last few years I have been making photo Valentine's for the kids. It is fun to design them!

Dayne wanted to make a train for his Valentine's box for school! It turned out pretty good. When he saw most of the kids at school had regular boxes for their Valentine's he wasn't sure what the kids would think of his when they saw his train. Then he said "I know Mom! They can be the coal cars!" That boy is always thinking!!Rich bought me some roses for Valentine's day when he went out for a treat for the kids. They are very pretty!The kids got all kinds of treats from Grandparents, Great- Grandparents, and of course us! But truly the cutest thing this year was the post office at school. The 4th graders run the whole thing and kids can send cards and presents to each other. Dayne got lots of mail- most of which came from students in my classroom that think he is so cute! He was one lucky boy! While Dayne as at a birthday party we took Lylah to the Clubhouse to the Valentine's Day party. They made a flower pot filled with candy and flowers......... played some games....... hunted for hearts....and had lots of fun!On Valentine's Day Rich and I went to out to dinner with our very good friends. Before we left the kids took a photo with us!Dayne helped me pick out my new shirt.Rich and his great smile..
It was a wonderful Valentine's day for our family! Lots of love all around!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mommy and Son Day!

After Lylah and I had fun on our Mommy/Daughter day at American Girl Dayne REALLY wanted a day just with me! So on a day off of school in January we headed to an indoor park (along with about a million other people) to play! It was sooo much fun! Dayne and I crawled around the HUGE play structure! Some of the parts I had to crawl over and up were not so nice on my knees! We also played in the gym and shot baskets and played on some scooters. When we were hungry we took a break and had some lunch that we brought along. Dayne wants to go back to the park again and bring Lylah! He thinks she would love it too!