Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Dayne!

It is hard to believe that Dayne is 5 years old. They are not suppose to get big this fast. It seems that he was just learning how to walk... now he is trying to ride a tw0-wheeler. Time sure has flown by. My baby will be in kindergarten in the fall! The last few weeks my baby has done some really amazing things that remind me that he is a big kid now. He went on some pretty scary roller costers at the MOA, he has been sounding out words and reading some books, and even used a port-a-potty all alone while he was at t-ball. At least he thought he was alone-- I followed behind! For his 5th birthday we bought him a digital camera since he LOVES to use mine. He can hardly put it down. When he realized it took video too he was sooo excited. Anyway..... here are some photos and video of Dayne from the past few weeks!

Swimming at the pool

Happy Dayne with his new camera from mom and dad

Dayne on the rides at the MOA... he loved them!

Space Aliens- for birthday dinner with the Carlson family.... Dayne's Favorite place!

Birthday sundae!

Dayne's birthday party with his friends... it was a race car birthday

Now for the Top 5 about Dayne

5. He loves to learn- right now he loves to sound out words to read.

4. He is a good swimmer. He has no fear and has really grown over the last year.

3. He is so nice to his sister. Even when she takes his toys.

2. He loves to cuddle.

and #1

He is caring, sweet, and gentle. He is the best kid!

Have a happy 5th birthday Dayne! WE LOVE YOU!


Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My New Toy

As some of you know I have quite the passion for photography. It has been something that I have loved to do since my days as the editor of the yearbook in high school. It was a hobby that I never really thought much of until I had my Beau.... taking photos of him opened up whole new world of photography to me. I started off with this....

Then I upgradted to this....
Finally I now have this..
My Canon 50D.

My new baby. I have been saving up for this baby for quite awhile! I must say I don't even know the full capabilities of this camera! I am loving learning about it. It is a BIG camera! The sheer weight of it lets me know I have something pretty powerful. Of course it seems to have been made to fit right in my hands. Now I am itching to get some great shots as I learn all the cool new features. Lucky for me I have some friends with new babies and a few with babies that are Seniors that I get to test my new friend out with.
So now I am off to play!
Until next time!