Friday, August 27, 2010

Shooting "Out of Town"

One morning Lylah decided she wanted me to take her photo and insisted we go out of town to do it. I told her her we can go to another town but what did she want to do. Over and over again she said Out of Town! It took me awhile-- with the help of Dayne-- to realize she wanted to go Downtown! We headed to one of my favorite spots, one I actually had taken Dayne to a month earlier to take some shots of them. I love this one because he spotted the yellow railing and said "Hey mom- that will look cool in a photo" and ran and said like this all on his own. He is becoming my model! Plus a very good helper!Such a sweet shot.... My babies..... they bring me so much joy... Love you! XOXO


Kate Lightfoot said...

Great photos- I just love it when children come up with ideas all by themselves! My children are 13 now (twins) and my ideas and suggestions are now met with a rollof the eyes and a sigh! Sad how quickly they grow!!! Sob, sob!

Shelly said...

Great photo shots and adorable kids. I ran across your blog by pushing the next blog button.
I also enjoy taking pictures. It is so much fun!